How much will my awning cost?

Our awnings are built custom to suit your needs. The cost of your awning will vary depending on the size, style, and construction requirements. Please contact us today to get a free personalized quote!

How will my awning hold up against weather conditions?

How much will my awning weigh?

On an average, our awnings weigh .62 lbs. per square foot.
For Example: A 12′ x 40′ awning is 480 square feet.
480 sq. ft. x .62 lbs. per sq. ft. = 297.6 lbs.

How tall will my awning posts be?

Our awnings come with 8′ tall, 3″ square aluminum posts. 10′ and 12′ aluminum posts are available for units requiring more height. For units requiring even higher installations, we offer steel posts in 20′ and 24′ lengths. The steel and aluminum posts are identical in appearance. For any post over 8′ tall, there is a nominal charge. Both the aluminum and steel posts can be cut in the field for an exact fit.

How many posts will be required for my awning?

The number of posts in each awning kit is determined by the width, projection, live load, and wind factors of the awning. Typically, the further the projection and the width of the awning determine the number of posts you will receive. We send the appropriate number of posts with your particular unit appropriate for your area based on our engineering.